Intelligent Agriculture

Introducing LIA: the standard controller unit to automate your hydroponic system.

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Smart Automation

Thanks to our advanced technology, you can grow your plants without any effort at all, simply by installing LIA in your system.
We offer a controller unit that monitors your plants and makes them grow according to their needs.

Thanks to LIA you can forget about your plants, from seeding to gathering.

Universal Solution

Our product works with both tiny grow-boxes and plantation farms.

Easy Installation

Just plug some cables, push the ON button and enjoy your cultivation.

Forget Maintenance

No maintenance required.
We guarantee 100% automation.

Lean Intelligent Agriculture

The most efficient automation technology ever.

LIA offers something more to your hydroponic system:
- Intelligent monitoring
- Precision dosing
- Auto calibration and cleaning
- Smart sensors
- Internet connection

See in detail all the features offered.

Technical Datasheet
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LIA will drive your product forward

Turn your old hydroponic system into a brand-new one.
Discover what LIA offers.

  • Intituitive & Light

    A simple menu to access the functions.

  • Precise Monitoring

    Check your plants conditions.

  • Plants Catalogue

    Discover everything about your plants.

responsive devices

Technical Datasheet

DIMENSIONS: H 200 x L 160 x W 200 mm

responsive devices
responsive devices

- Nutritive solution mixer and Ph-down dispenser (0,05ml standard deviation)
- Water level, oxygenation and temperature to guarantee a perfect environment
- Full control over air humidity, temperature, air pressure and altitude


- Automatic cleaning and calibration system of PH and EC sensors
- Activation and control of cleaning and reset processes
- Safe storage of PH and EC sensors in KCL


- LEDs (any number if simultaneous, any kind, any amperage and voltage)
- Electrovalves (capacitive, any voltage and amperage)
- 6 x 200v circuit breakers


- Wi-Fi antenna to connect your devices
- Mobile alerts through push notifications regarding catridges and crop gathering


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