Scalable cultivation technologies.

LIA - Main unit

By taking samples of nutrient solution from the hydroponic system, Lia is able to read the values of the water and arrange the necessary dosages of nutrients and stabilizers.

Stream selector

Thanks to the external sampling principle, analysis and dosage cycles can be performed on multiple differentiated lines. Up to 10 hydraulic doors thanks to our automatic selector.

Smart dispensers

The smart dispensers are compatible with the spigots of the nutrient tanks, up to twelve can be used for each LIA unit. Each one can be equipped with three different sizes of peristaltic pump.


The only fully automatic control unit for hydroponic systems, LIA was created to be a scalable and versatile management device. Thanks to Wallfarm’s patented technologies, today you can grow up to ten different lines of plants at the same time, with different sizes and hydraulic system. All without even one manual water analysis. From seed to harvest!

Self calibrate

Automatic analysis

Electronic flow diverter

Endless recipes

Endless configurations

Auto-calibrationInnovative patented technology allows you to obtain an always accurate sampling of the water.
Auto-analysisAutonomous management of water analysis and correction cycles.
Auto-dosingAutomatic nutrient dosing based on the analysis of the nutrient solution.
TimingConnect and time all complementary devices, such as lights, aerators and pumps.
Line managementSimultaneously manage up to 10 cultivation lines with different programs.
Choose your sizeOur dispensers can be equipped with different peristaltic pumps (80-500 ml / min).
Data collectionAccess your private area and check the specific data of all your crops.
CatalogueChoose from the available recipes, try the latest news or develop new recipes with us.
AppAll your growing systems always under control thanks to the Wallfarm app.
CommunityShare your results with other Wallfarm growers community around the world.
Custom systemsWe are at your disposal for customized design and consultancy activities.
Get moreWork with the best automation system on the market, spend less, get more.

The perfect tool for a greener tomorrow.

Strong skills

Automation - (100%)
Design - (82%)
Scalability - (95%)
Saving time - (90%)
User friendly - (88%)


The combination of innovative functions makes the LIA system the most versatile and configurable proposal on the market today.

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Your next automation unit, check the system.

Our Startup


Wallfarm is a company that produces innovation dedicated to soilless cultivation techniques. Thanks to our patented solutions it is now possible to rethink the concept of precision cultivation.