2017 WFTG Agrotech
Design Contest

The first creative space dedicated to the third agricultural revolution:
automated home farming, a new generation of smart electrical appliances!



Take a dive into the world of hydroponics! This is your chance to shape the future of home gardening by helping us design the next generation of Tower Garden, integrating LIA.
In line with our mission, for Wallfarm and Tower Garden enjoying the green spaces is a goal to achieve through innovation processes. For this reason, we rely on young designers to research new concepts to employ for the design of a home gardening system dedicated to people, in order to realize a highly stimulating and user-centered product, where the users may grow their vegetables, enabling aspects for innovation and sustainability and, thus, for change.
Thanks to Wallfarm’s technology is possible to abandon the old agricultural techniques and imagine new modular systems of any shape and dimension. Your challenge is to enhance the domestic life in close contact with the green, adding value to the interaction between humans and nature, exploring the concept of domestic space, considering that a home garden system represents a new element in the house.

• 1st prize – (3,000€)
• 2nd prize - (1,500€)
• 3rd prize - (750€)

In addition, each winner received:
• 1 Tower Garden Unit
• an internship at Wallfarm
• the possibility to visit Wallfarm’s headquarters

Upload phase: 19th December 2016 – 5th May 2017

Mid-May 2017