We ensure your internet privacy when you use our services

Privacy Disclaimer

1. Pursuant to art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, the so-called “Code for the protection of personal data” and following modifications and integrations, we inform you that all the personal/business information acquired during commercial relationships finalized to the presentation of offers and/or to the establishment of contractual relationships will be processed through manual or telematics tools complying with confidentiality and all the expected security measures according to the regulations in force.

2. In relation to the above-mentioned processing, we inform you that the following information are requested: identification information (name, surname, business name or company name, address, telephone no, fax, e-mail, etc.); information related to the economic and/or commercial position (banking data).

3. These are information that you directly provide, or they can be collected among third authorized parties (for instance, among commercial information companies or public databases for information related to financial solvency).

4. Your personal information will be processed only for the following purposes:
 (a) to distribute and perform the requested services;
 (b) to guarantee technical assistance in relation to the requested products and/or services;
 (c) to manage complaints and controversies;
 (d) to provide for invoicing, administration and accounting management of the contract;
 (e) to prevent potentially illegal activities, as well as the information required to Competent Authorities;
 (f) for the protection and the possible debt collection, also through third-parties (Agency/Company of debt collection), to whom will be communicated the necessary information for such purposes;
 (g) to transfer of receivables to authorized companies;
 (h) to execute other obligations arisen from the contract or the regulations in force, eventually with third-parties’ assistance.
We also inform you that the provision of your information for such purposes is essential because the lack of part or all the necessary information may result in the impossibility to provide you the proper and complete performance of requested services, and therefore their fruition.

5. Your personal information may also be processed, with your prior agreement, for the following further purposes functional to the activity:
 (a) elaboration of studies and statistical researches and market researches;
 (b) distribution of advertising/informational/promotional material and of updates regarding initiatives and offers;
 (c) distribution of interactive commercial communications;
 (d) surveys about your customer satisfaction level in relation to the quality of the offered services.

6. The processing of sensitive personal data will be carried out in order to guarantee that such information will not be revealed to third-parties, with the exception of those related to the communications referred to in the previous paragraphs 4 and, if applicable, paragraph 5.

7. The Data Controller is Wallfarm s.r.l., based in Rome, Via delle Catacombe di Generosa, 60.

8. At all times, you will be able to exercise your rights against the Data Controller, pursuant to art. 7 Legislative Decree 196/2003, as well as know the whole list of Responsible of the processing of data, sending an e-mail to the Data Controller (info@wallfarm.bio), or with a communication by ordinary mail to: Wallfarm s.r.l., Via delle Catacombe di Generosa, 60 - 00148 ROMA.

9. Furthermore, the user, in case of previous consensus, will be able to take position against the processing for the purposes described in paragraph no 5 letter c, though the usage of the email itself, clicking on the dedicated “link” of any message sent through email.

10. The Responsible of the processing of Data is Wallfarm s.r.l. in person of its legal representative.