Riavvia Italia – Wallfarm, intelligent, hydroponic agriculture

Wallfarm, l’agricoltura intelligente, idroponica

Even during the Lockdown period we did not stop and indeed we wanted to follow and contribute to projects that they actively proposed for the restart. Or food for thought to reason and improve the world of tomorrow

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We presented ourselves like this:
“Sustainability and a greener environment are the key factor that continues Wallfarm’s vision. The goal is to help those who want to reduce the impact of large-scale agricultural production by cultivating their own sustainable farm, with hydroponic solutions, all inside their own homes or by setting up their own greenhouse.

Hydroponics is soilless cultivation: the plant is irrigated with solutions composed of water and compounds functional to mineral nutrition. The advantages are established by knowing with certainty what are the nutritional values ​​that have been used to grow the plant. For example, a tomato grown in hydroponics will be nickel free and will also allow intolerant people to go back to eating a healthy and good tomato. In this way you will also have food without seasonality problems, since in the greenhouse you can grow different types of plants despite not having the climatic conditions usually required.
The combination of cutting-edge technologies applied to agricultural irrigation needs has led to the creation of our automated hydroponic growth system, the LIA (Lean Intelligent Agriculture).
It is easy to install LIA both on the simple garden hydroponic system and on a more sophisticated structure, in order to make everything work completely autonomously. Another important feature of LIA is self-calibration and the flow delivery system implemented to perform accurate tests and release the exact amount of nutrients needed. Last but not least, users can not only manage up to ten different cultivation lines simultaneously, but also for each regular line the cleaning and storage, as well as the balance of pH, nutrient level, environmental conditions and lighting. “

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